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Why is music so effective in its influence on human emotion and experience?

It's because our brains are wired, set up and ready to receive music as a natural stimulus. It is not a foreign thing to us. It is a component of nature.

Listening to songs, their melodies, and their lyrics arouses responses in at least two of our five senses -- the aural and, if it's Duck Dunn's bass line in Otis Redding's version of "Respect" delivered through stadium grade speakers, the tactile is also stimulated.

Music is a stimulus to our human organisms. Superior music such as that found in the African-American songbook -- Blues, R & B, Stax/Volt -- elevates the entire sensory experience into the realm of emotional projection; associative images and memories from these songs' presence at certain times of personal impact in our lives.

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Music satisfies us in not just a physical and sensory way but also in a spiritual and psychic way.

Why is cannabis such an effective substance for the various needs of human beings?

Because, as with music, we are naturally wired and set up with tetra-hedronal shaped

endo-cannabinoid receptors that are organic to all of us, Jeff Sessions included.

These receptors are waiting to receive the benefits of cannabis just as our music receptors

are easily and naturally ready to receive the pure stimulus of music.

In delivering superior experiences to audiences, The Blues Brothers established a level and

standard of undisputed high quality.

The promise of the Blues Brothers brand for cannabis is just that: to deliver the best

possible stimuli to our endo-cannabinoid receptors.

We will live up to the ten star, quadruple A reputation for professionalism and consumer

satisfaction that John and Dan established internationally over

four decades ago.

The Blues Brothers
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