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You Frequently Asked, We've Answered. 



1. Hello,


Thank you for your inquiry.


We are not hiring at this time.


Currently, all positions are filled here at Belushi's Farm.



2. Hello,

Thank you for reaching out.

Here is the link to purchase shirts from Belushi's Farm. 



3. Hello,


Thank you for your inquiry.


As an Oregon licensed cannabis producer, we are only authorized to sell to Oregon Licensed Dispensaries.


Please visit our website,  and see our list of Dispensaries that carry our products. 


4. Hello,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Belushis Farm does not sell seeds.



5. Hello,


As an Oregon Licensed marijuana producer, we are not approved for and cannot offer tours of the licensed premises, including limited access areas, to the general public.


Thank you for your inquiry.  

Valerie Morales

Valerie Morales

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