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The insatiable demand for Jack’s Afghanica caused a phenomenon. “As people found out about my plants, they began stealing them. It turned good people rotten,” says Jack. “People who would never steal a thing began stealing these plants!”


How can a cannabis plant be so incredibly coveted?


It isn’t complicated. See, Captain Jack’s philosophy is different from the prevailing philosophy in today’s growing world. His chief concern was keeping Gulzar Afghanica pure. Jack always kept close track of the mother and father plants while reproducing.


“When you mix the breeds of the plants you can wind up with heterozygous variability, wild variability,” says Jack.


In over 40 years, Jack’s plants have never been tweaked in a laboratory or compromised with chemicals. They’ve never been hybridized. They’ve only been finessed by nature and groomed by hand to maintain the sanctity of old-world Afghani cannabis—true sustained breeding.

Captain Jacks vape.png

CAPTAIN JACK's Vape Cartridge

Using beer terms, if you will, in the world of microbrews, Gulzar Afghanica is the Reinheitsgebot, as pure as it gets. It’s a wonderfully elusive bud with record high myrcene working in concert with THC, a little CBD, and other terpenes, phytonutrients and minor cannabinoids to produce an entourage effect like no other.


We can’t place exactly why Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica works so well, we just know it does.


It’s like grandma’s soup— doesn’t quite add up on paper, but can’t be beat in a bowl.

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