Belushi's Secret Stash

Belushi’s Secret Stash is a line of cannabis flowers from Belushi’s Farm sold at select dispensaries in Oregon. Premium sungrown genetics are cultivated, hand harvested and cured by a core seven person team on performer/activist Jim Belushi’s 93 acre farm in Eagle Point, Oregon.


Black Diamond OG, Blue Dragon, Crippler, Snowman Cookies, Chocolate Hashberry, Jeffrey Iverson’s award winning Nilla Wafers (the smoke that brought Jim into the business), BubbleMint, Purple Lights, Purple Pineapple Afghani, Lemon Chiffon Cake, Lemon GpG Kush, Grapefruit Kush, Limoncello, Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Afwreck, and Jim’s favorite Cherry Pie round out the premiere selection of cannabis from Belushi’s Secret Stash.